Heat exchangers are widely used in industries including hydraulic, wind power, hydropower, petrochemical, ocean-going ships, metallurgical mines, construction machinery, and more.

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What is a heat exchanger?


  • The heat exchanger is an energy-saving device that realizes heat transfer between materials between two or more fluids at different temperatures.

  • It transfers heat from the fluid with a higher temperature to the fluid with a lower temperature, so that the fluid temperature reaches the process.

  • The specified index is to meet the needs of process conditions, and it is also one of the main equipment to improve energy utilization. 

What makes a good heat exchanger?


A perfect heat exchanger should meet the following basic requirements when designing or selecting:

  • Reasonably realize the specified process conditions;

  • The structure is safe and reliable;

  • It is easy to manufacture, install, operate and maintain;

  • Economically reasonable. The tube sheet at one end of the floating head heat exchanger is fixed to the shell, while the tube sheet at the other end can float freely in the shell.

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